How much money should I have before starting a business?

business success
I've recently been debating whether it would be good to start a business but have been afraid since I really haven't been saving the way I should be.  I've always felt that it would take at least 6 months of savings in the bank before even considering such an idea, but if I waited for that I would probably never do it. How smart is it to start a business with no savings? It depends on the circumstance that you are in and what you are financially responsible for can weigh in on how you really a...

How to make strong passwords you can remember
It's time to start thinking about online security and especially to your financial accounts that contain important and private information on the web. If you are like me then you probably have made passwords online that are fairly basic and easy to remember. However, you need to start learning about how to strengthen those account passwords that you are creating. Believe it or not there are hackers on the web and devices capable of figuring out passwords through trial and error and gain access ...

how do i increase my home equity

interior equity improvements
Many homeowners are finding creative ways of pulling equity out of their home through cash out refinance loans. However, one of the big questions facing many owners is what exactly can they do in advance of getting their home equity lines of credit to improve their home equity through improvements to their home. This would involve getting a higher appraisal than the other comparable home in their area. Increasing your home equity appraisal There are several ways you as a home owner can build m...

Free online tax filing

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A good way for many of us to save money on taxes is to start saving money by reducing our costs to prepare taxes. I keep debating the same question every year on whether it is better to higher an accountant or agency to file taxes but end up with the same decision to just prepare my taxes on my own. Should you use free online tax filing services or pay for an accountant? It's ultimately up to you but there are some reasons why you should file yourself utilizing free services to e-file your tax...

The secret to digging your way out of debt

Climbers on "Valkyrie" at The Roaches in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, in May 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So really the big question is what is the secret to digging your way out of debt when jobs are becoming more scarce and expenses seem to be always increasing.  In addition, for many people they are already at rock bottom when it comes to reducing their expenses. That said, is there really any way to get debt reduced with what seems like the world against me? Some people will see improvement in their financial debt even within a few months. It may not happen over night but it really comes down ...

When to Trade your car in

car repairs high cost
I'm driving a 2003 pontiac and have recently been putting a lot of dollars into repair and maintenance for the vehicle.  I've been under the impression that holding on to your old vehicle is a big cost savings over constantly buying new cars but this theory gets tested every time I'm faced with a high repair for the car. I can remember back 5 years or more when the transmission went out and that was 2,500 dollars to fix. But today I've got a leaky power steering fluid and both the rack and pi...