interior equity improvements

Many homeowners are finding creative ways of pulling equity out of their home through cash out refinance loans. However, one of the big questions facing many owners is what exactly can they do in advance of getting their home equity lines of credit to improve their home equity through improvements to their home. This would […]

I keep thinking about writing this article as I see so many people at my office eating lunch out every day it makes me wonder what they are thinking. I just don’t know what is going on through their heads. The question is ‘Does packing your lunch save money?’ The answer should be totally freaking […]

tax dog

A good way for many of us to save money on taxes is to start saving money by reducing our costs to prepare taxes. I keep debating the same question every year on whether it is better to higher an accountant or agency to file taxes but end up with the same decision to just […]

car repairs high cost

I’m driving a 2003 pontiac and have recently been putting a lot of dollars into repair and maintenance for the vehicle.  I’ve been under the impression that holding on to your old vehicle is a big cost savings over constantly buying new cars but this theory gets tested every time I’m faced with a high […]

pills for cash

Medical coverage is exceedingly expensive and even if you are able to afford good insurance it is no guarantee that you won’t receive a high medical bill. No matter what the circumstance, I cringe at the thought of having to take an emergency vehicle. Emergency Ambulance Rides can cost well over 500 dollars! Not only […]